Green building concept to grow up by 20% in India

It seems affirmative that the new era evolution of green architecture will be holding the driving seat in the real estate sector of India. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has surfaced with a report that the green industry in India will grow by 20 percent in the next three year span.

The report was made by the Dodge Data Analysis World Green Building Trends in 2016 Smart Market Report, to which the USGBC act as a contributing partner. The growth of green buildings is mainly accounted to the environment regulation and rising demand for healthier neighborhoods.

The report stated that new high rise residential apartments, mixed use development and communities are expected to be the top three sectors for the growth of green building in India. The survey was conducted in nearby 70 countries.

green homes

The report further revealed that the global green building continues to double every three years. The consumer rising demand and has pushed the green building market to a trillion dollar industry. This has also correspondingly surged the green building material market which is supposed to reach $234 billion by 2019.

Initiatives to promote green buildings like the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) are accounted primarily for the splurge across the globe. By the date, nearly 75,000 commercial projects are taking part in LEED across the globe. LEED is certifying 1.85 million sq ft of building space every day.

India presently has more than 1990 projects participating in LEEDS which comprises over 822 million sq ft of space. According to Mahesh Ramanujam, COO, USGBC, the growth of LEED reflect the global adaptability of world widely used green building concept.

Notable is that the report also found that these green buildings can reduce significant amounts in the operational cost than the conventional buildings. These green buildings are also witnessing an increase in asset valuations over conventional buildings.

So this whole advantageous green building concept is going to flourish in real estate. Foreseeing the future, pioneer real estate builder Rise Group has launched its green home initiatives by their trademark project Organic Homes.

This is a pure eco-friendly home with all modern day amenities. Topping all, Organic Homes is banged right on the precious location of NH-24, Ghaziabad, which is quoted as one of the affordable markets of Delhi-NCR.

Every beam of this pure organic habitat is crafted meticulously to enact a beautiful nature oriented living. Organic Homes will impart sustainable energy methods to stand way out of the crowd. So be part of Organic Homes, a home inspired by nature in every means and bring harmony to your life.

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