Global Handwashing Day: A simple habit that keeps diseases at bay

For the past couple of months, the headlines were all over the media about the severe dengue outbreaks. Following this turmoil, from which the NCR has barely been recovered, it has now started to be disturbed by influenza. Somehow or the other, it seems like a disease is always prevailing for the people of NCR.

Though many criticize government for its lack of functioning, lack of measures to clean the premises, apart from this, our lifestyle also is a factor for this alarming situation. Let us remind of a simple exercise today, which is very much important for us to lead a healthy life. These days most us feel so funny and find it wide of the mark when you come across this simple exercise.

Starting from the dusty iron rods in the bus, the pathetic, contaminated ten rupee note that the conductor gave you, the occasional sneezing that you had while imbibing the dust, texting and tweeting in cell phones, the handshakes in your office to innumerable other activities that you may have performed in the day, let me ask you a simple question: Do you remember to wash your hands?

Today, October 15 is commemorated as Global Hand washing Day. The day is being celebrated to motivate and mobilize people all over the world to improve their hand washing habits by washing their hands with soap at critical moments of the day. This simple action which last for just 15-20 seconds can be so beneficial and crucial for your healthy life.

Global Handwashing Day

According to the doctors, washing your hands at regular intervals can prevent some of the disastrous airborne and communicable diseases. Some of the common sickness that arises when we fail to wash your hands is mouth infections, flu, hepatitis A, stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting etc. If not treated wisely, these ‘slight’ diseases will lead to severe problems in you life. By washing our hands we are reducing the transmission of micro-organisms to enter our body. Here are some tips for washing your hands.

As you all know, hand wash is not a herculean task. You only need to scrub your hands for 15-20 seconds and wash it properly. Hot water is considered more effective than cold water while washing your hand. Though water temperature doesn’t affect the bacterial reduction, but it might increase the irritant capacity of soaps. After washing your hands, you can wipe out using a dryer or towels. It is advised to use hand sanitizers too.

So from today onwards, let’s make this a routine for our family and keep your diseases at bay. Don’t forget to make your child wash his hands. If you are not yet washed, do it in the very next moment and have a happy handwashing day.

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