GDA funds Rs 400 crores for second phase of Ghaziabad metro

Ghaziabad Development Authority has allocated Rs 400 crore this week from its infrastructure development fund for the second phase of metro project from Delhi’s Dilshad Garden to the New Bus Stand. The city’s aspiring project is being financed jointly by the DMRC, Centre and the Uttar Pradesh Government.

The decision was taken in a fund committee meeting presided by divisional commissioner Alok Sinha in Meerut. A day before this, media had reported the uncertainty over the funding for the second phase of the Rs 2,208 crore metro project.

metro map

GDA Vice-Chairman Vijay Yadav said the funds will be made available for DMRC to resume the construction work. He also said that the Rs 400 crore was resumed for the next financial year. But GDA doesn’t want the project to suffer due to the lack of fund. Presently the expansion work is going on full swing. He also added that a sum of Rs 140 crore has already been paid to the DMRC for the construction work.

Yadav added that the fund was raised out of 2% cess charged as registration duties for every individual property that was registered in the jurisdiction of Ghaziabad.

The fund committee meeting has approved a total of Rs 850 crore for developmental activities in Ghaziabad. This includes the fund reserved for the metro project. Along with this, a sum of Rs 207 crore has been reserved for building flyovers, traffic signals, zebra crossings, footpaths etc.

While Rs 74 crore was allocated for minor works like roads and drains, a sum of Rs 75 was reserved for the proposed Weavers’ Mart in the Madhuban-Bapudham area. Meanwhile, an amount of Rs 17 crore has been placed at the disposal of GDA Vice-Chairman to meet contingent measures time to time.

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