Favourable time sphere for Faridabad

The status quo of a location is changed over a sphere of time; some may take years, months while some may surprise us in a day. Day by day significant developments are witnessed in the major locations of NCR and it seems like the time sphere is currently in favour of Faridabad.

Faridabad has seized the headlines in the past week with milestones like the city topping the smart city challenge in NCR and inauguration of the extension of Delhi metro from Badarpur to Escorts Mujesar. Though the Delhi – Badarpur stretch was enacted in 2011, it had little impact on the property prices. But with the new metro connectivity to Faridabad and its ‘topped’ inclusion in the smart city list has poked the real estate developers and the consultants to avail the opportunity.


Now that Faridabad will attract more corporates, mainly outsourcing and banking firms, the job opportunities will jump to new heights, which will further attract employees to make their residential living in the city. Also to note is the ongoing progress of widening NH 2 stretch to six lanes which on completion will compete with the NH 8 of Gurgaon.

Faridabad has been already known as the leading industrial center of the NCR, and with the inclusion in the smart city list, the city will get more infrastructures. The inclusion of Faridabad among smart cities was possible with its ideal administration. Inspired from this, the city further is working on improving its sanitation facilities, drainage systems, cycle tracks, drinking water supply and much more which marks the sustainable development of Faridabad.

Further attractions aiming realty boom in Faridabad are the allotment of land for Banaskantha District Co-operative producers to enhance milk production and Balmer Lawrie, a government of India enterprise under ministry of petroleum and natural gas, in setting up warehouse. Apart from these, the Haryana government has also nodded for the Noida authority to build new bridges across Yamuna which connects Noida and Faridabad.

So utilize your opportunity wisely with realty transactions as the time sphere is in favour of Faridabad, one of the affluent cities in India.

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