Don’t carry your Driving license anymore, just install DigiLocker app

digilocker mobile appWith the introduction of DigiLocker app, you soon won’t have to worry about carrying all your necessary documents such as a license and vehicle registration certificate. Because this app will allow the user to store these documents in the form of soft copy and the app could also be accessed via laptop or a mobile phone.

The new scheme is an action under the NDA government’s Digital India program that presents a platform for an online accommodation of certificates and documents. Following this, the government will commence the issuing of DL’s and vehicle registration documents undeviatingly to the users of DigiLocker app in digital formats. The regional transport office (RTO) will upload the data form to the locker which will help in consolidating all the necessary documents at one place.

Union Road Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari told that the initiative will not only eradicate bribery but is also a giant step towards achieving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India drive. Also, this can be used as a valid identity document at airports by citizens.

In order to open an account, you just have to link your Aadhar card to your cell number. Then if any officials demand verification, you can easily fulfill the demand by showing all the papers on DigiLocker mobile app

Those who sign up for this app will be provided with a dedicated cloud storage space and the same can be used for storing documents such as driving license, voter ID, and vehicle registration certificates.

The application first has to be downloaded using the internet services of your network provider but using or opening it will be free. The DigiLocker alliance with vehicle registration certificate (RC) & driving license (DL) will be made accessible for over 190 million RCs and nearly 100 million DLs that are registered with road transport ministry.

According to the Senior Delhi Traffic Police officials, it wasn’t clear if presenting real driving papers was compulsory under law. But in the year 2012, the department ordered the officers to fine the drivers who are carrying photocopied documents.

But what’s ensured is that if the traffic personnel really want to check your documents or not. Using this, they can efficiently verify the license from the phone then and there only.

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