Chandigarh to usher into the new era of conclusive land titling system

chandigarhChandigarh is regarded as the first planned city in India with renowned architecture and urban design. Now, the Union Territory would embed its name in history for being the first city to introduce a conclusive land titling system in India. The authorities have decided to evaluate the necessary processes to enact the conclusive land titling regime and withdrawing the prevailing presumptive titling system.

As the new system guarantees land title to citizens, the civil disputes related to properties are expected to reduce significantly. The estate offices and other sections which keep the records of property shall issue online certificates for the property title that shall certify the ownership rights to the extent of share percentage of respective property.

Apart from providing the details like file number, father/husband/authorized signatory name, site address, name of the owner, aadhar number and the respective share percentage towards the property, the new system will also display a unique land parcel ID. The online certificate will embed a map of the sector to which the property belongs and also includes the enhanced views of the adjoining plots.

The certificate will enable provision to show the mortgage related information for the property. The QR code facility will be the major feature of the certificate. The property title/ownership will be displayed once the QR code is scanned using smart phones or any other suitable devices.

The widespread problem of getting the title of land with conclusive certainty was a long pending demand. Especially in a country where the murkiness of land deals is inherently risky. In this sense, Chandigarh will definitely usher into the new era of land titling.

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