An evaluation of the pros and cons of studio apartments

studio apartmentsStudio apartments are the smallest ticket sized homes in the residential category. They are also popular across the world as studio flat, efficiency apartment, self contained apartment or bachelor apartment. They typically comprises of a large room which defines the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. As everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, studio apartments also arrives with a bunch of factors to look forward and factors to be compromised.

Advantages of Studio Apartments

  • Huge Savings: The topmost benefit of studio apartments is the money saving factor. Studios are fairly less of cost than other categories of homes. Since there are no multiple rooms to be maintained, residents can also spend less on the maintenance.
  • Height: Studio apartments can be highly advantageous if we think vertically while concerned about the storage. As the horizontal area is less, residents can eye to fully utilize the vertical space like mounting shelves, drawers, TV on the wall.
  • All in one place: All the home accessories are placed in the single large space in studios so that there are no events of things getting miscued or unnoticed in your home. However a combat and planned design that focuses on laying out the home accessories should be conceived well.
  • Easy Decor: Residents don’t need to exercise your brain a lot for the interior decorations. Simple and fancy amenities, pleasing colour texture and small scale furnishings are way enough to make your studio look like heaven.
  • Ventilation: Studio apartments with proper ventilations can behave livelier and spacious, Residents can use ample number of curtain laid windows to let and hold more light for your apartment.

Disadvantages of Studio Apartments

  • Lack of Space: The prime concern with studio apartments is space constraint. Those who wish to have privacy and freedom can feel worried with studio apartments.
  • No room for guests: Handling guests or any family relative will become a challenge for residents in studio apartments.
  • Furniture: Due to lack of space, residents in studio apartments are restricted to enhance their furnishings according to the wish.
  • No gardens: Maintaining a pleasant garden adjoining your home adds more fervor for a home, but studios mostly lash your dreams.
  • Boredom: You are behaving in a same, single and restricted atmosphere for the period of time, which can infect your living ambience.

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In life we achieve success when we are ready to compromise in life. Symbolically, when we are sacrificing space by choosing a studio apartment, the huge savings you receive at the other end are worth enough for you and your family. So determine the need of your family and ideally choose studio apartments.

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