Your Perfect Bridal Attire Awaits At Omaxe Chowk

omaxe chandni chowkWhen it comes to planning a wedding epically yours, only a handful of brides have the unbelievable ability of successfully planning a short-term wedding. However, if you are like most women, you may take months or even a whole year to sort out all the aspects of planning your dream wedding, my point being that there is no exact timeline to plan a perfect wedding. But what concerns most people is finding the perfect attire for your perfect day. Some major areas of concern are as follows:


When it comes to bridal wear, you have to make sure that your dress goes along with the overall vibe of the wedding, epically if it’s a big fat Indian wedding. You have to make sure that you look picture perfect for every event. Go for a design which reflects your personality best, be it a sari, suit or a designer lengha. Your wedding will be an event to remember, which means you need wear a statement attire that lives up to it. Make sure that you go for a bold design when you’re shopping.


After you’re done selecting the dress, make sure that find appropriate jewelry which compliments your attire. To ensure a perfect match, you should carefully choose your jewelry depending on the embroidery, color and the type of your bridal wear. It should be comfortable to wear and should boost your confidence as well. Just remember, there is no such thing as over-doing in a wedding since it makes a women shine on her wedding day and complement the special glow of a women on her D-Day.


From buffing and contouring to kohl-lined eyes and glossy lips, the options are just too many and unless you are a makeup enthusiast yourself, these endless options might make your head spin. Similarly, entrusting your dream day beauty to someone else might make you uncomfortable. But it doesn’t have to be that way, all you need to remember is that they are professionals and you need to tell them exactly what you want. After all, it is your day not anyone else’s.

Since people living in Delhi NCR often go to Chandni Chowk for all their bridal shopping, Omaxe is coming up with an all new project located in the heart of Chandni Chowk. Omaxe Chandni Chowk is set to change the game with regards to comfortable yet intensive wedding shopping. Set to be a potential hotspot for wedding enthusiasts, this project will sort out all your worries as it will feature all types of showrooms from high-end to affordable, making it easy to choose what suites you and your pocket the best. Apart from that, you can also find fancy party wear and go on an unstoppable shopping spree while you’re at it. Omaxe Chowk is set to be you’re one shop stop for all your bridal shopping.

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