Your investments will reap sky high with WTC Chandigarh

International trade scenario is very much crucial and day by day its significance has been becoming more and more important. The reduced cost of transportation & communication, technological advancements and the shrinking of trade barriers between countries have lubricated the trade phenomenon globally.

As India is enacting reforms to build a more business friendly atmosphere trade, commercial spaces are witnessing a perfect time to blossom at the best. More MNC’s, MSME’s and the trending start ups are being launching day by day, putting the commercial spaces to limelight.

The wealthiest town of Chandigarh has been lately bathed with huge future prospects for the trade sector to jump leaps and bounds. The latest news from Chandigarh is that the World Trade Center Association (WTCA) will feature their new World Trade Center (WTC) in the heart area of Mohali. Indian trade will now on open a new era with more exports and imports and thereby a strong boost to economy.

Located precisely in the Aerocity road, in closest proximity to the newly launched airport, World Trade Center Chandigarh will sweep a massive built up area of a million square feet. In this immense area, the WTC Chandigarh Aerocity primarily composes of auditoriums, office spaces, studio apartments, retail spaces, conference facilities and many more. Being put forward by the global trade giants WTCA, this commercial space will be an architectural marvel that imbibes the most ultra modern luxurious stuffs under its roof.

wtc chandigarh

An Indian realty giant will also partner with the global brand WTCA in making the WTC Chandigarh a reality in Mohali. WTCA is an association which serves an ‘international ecosystem’ of global connections, iconic properties and integrated trade services under a single roof. The main advantage for the investments in WTC Chandigarh is that the clients will taste both leasing income and an assured income of 12 percent. It is highly advised to have your golden investments in WTC Chandigarh that it’s not only from a globally renowned brand, but also that it shares close proximity with the new airport. New airport will lay the foundation for more business and retail developments to flourish in the neighbourhood. This will increase the property value for you in the immediate future itself. After all, airports are a significant real estate boomer. History has shown us that airport is one of the most productive landmarks for real estate. Thus WTC Aerocity Chandigarh will also repeat the history of success for you.

Finally, speaking about WTCA, it has aided for nearly 330 licenses all around the globe for booming the trade. Their vast trade services are present in over 90 countries which link over 750,000 business entrepreneurs to connect globally and trade their dreams to new levels. Investing in this priceless opportunity gets you a lot of advantages to facilitate your financial growth. Grab WTC Chandigarh as soon as possible!

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