WTC will unlock the future prospects of Chandigarh

Trade has been undoubtedly one of the prime sectors on which the economical development of a country heavily depends on. India showcases large number of unique resources such as iron and steel which are being demanding widely in the international market. While on the other hand, we need to meet the demands for petroleum products by depending on the foreign countries to keep the market stable. This implies how important the wavelength of global trade phenomenon is.

In this scenario, Chandigarh, which is rated as the wealthiest town of India, will soon act as a significant lubricant for the whole Indian trade market to yield its best. This futuristic city has recently been thrown into the limelight of the real estate arena, as it launched the commercial marvel World Trade Centre Chandigarh in Mohali, from the global trade giants World Trade Centre Association (WTCA). This architectural marvel will unfurl in the heart arena of Chandigarh, Mohali, advantageously located in the Aerocity road, near by the newly launched airport in Mohali.

WTC Chandigarh in Mohali will sweep a mammoth one million built up area. This WTCA venture will incorporate office spaces, auditoriums, retail space, studio apartments, conference facilities and many more which will be delivered with ultra modern standards. You will perceive a whole new commercial experience with WTC Chandigarh, which will be presented before you in partnership with an Indian realty giant. The major advantage for investments in WTC Chandigarh is that it assures the investors with both leasing income and an assured return of 12%. In this ongoing festive season, WTC Chandigarh Aerocity has opened the best commercial catch in the booming location of Chandigarh, Mohali.

chandigarh wtc

Having a legacy of 45 years, WTCA has facilitated nearly 330 licenses globally, which has enabled this maestro organization to write its own epic chapter on global trade. WTCA ventures come under the common series name of ‘World Trade Center’, which stimulates international business to flourish globally and prosper locally. The WTCA has directly linked over 750,000 business entrepreneurs to its network with their World Trade Centers. It has such a huge potential to take realty of whatever area it occupies to unbelievable levels. Hence, Chandigarh will soon narrate a beautiful chapter to the whole epic of Indian trade.

Mohali in Chandigarh will also notch up its realty graph as the new airport has been launched in this area. Despite of any location, airport is one of the prime factors in favour for those who want to invest in real estate. In the fertile and booming soil Chandigarh your investments will yield high as sky. World Trade Center Chandigarh will have a supreme exposure being located in the close vicinity of airport, since it facilitates the ideal stage for huge international and domestic footfall.

WTC Chandigarh can be regarded as once in a lifetime opportunity for you to secure in the booming location of Chandigarh. It holds the magical key for the future prospects of Chandigarh. Lay your investment in WTC Chandigarh Aerocity and be part of the face lifting Chandigarh!

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