WTC Quad – Homes at the world’s largest World Trade Center Complex

wtc quad noidaQuad at WTC – Noida is coming at World’s Largest World Trade Center – Noida. This is the first time that Housing is coming at WTC. As usual WTC always offer’s higher Rental Values and Higher Occupancy rate as compared with all other commercial project worldwide.

Quad at WTC Noida, is unique combination of Housing at work place. The trend although is very famous and high in demand rest of the world, but now picking up some demand in Indian Real Estate. In today’s life style that comes with hectic traffic jams and long office hours are making one’s life more difficult. There is no time left for personnel work and development.

WTC Quad housing again going to be very high in demand because of it’s location that is located in the middle of huge commercial space of Aprox 21 Lakh Sqft area. If we talk about Ratio of Commercial vs Residential, this comes to unbelievable ratio of 1:180, means to say availability one apartment for every 180 people working in the compound of WTC.

The developer is offering very flexible payment plans that suite to every Investors pocket. Developer is also offering Rs 10,000 minimum Rental guarantee per month for next two years after possession of WTC Quad Residences. Each and every apartment has been designed with great combination of space and luxury. The Mid rise towers gives sprawling view of the town ship. Last but not least the Housing at WTC Noida is surrounded by all major IT/ITES such as NIIT etc. which is going to witness high demand in the coming years.

Hurry !!! Time now to Invest in QUAD at WTC Noida.


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