WTC Noida: The first global architectural design competition of India


wtc noidaWTC Noida has emerged out as a big and a new mixture of thoughts that are born out of India’s largest and first global architectural design competition in the commercial segment of real estate industry. The design and the description of the buildings is what we have elaborated here-

WTC One-

WTC Noida’s largest building is WTC One which is 9 storeyed and covers an area of 8.5 L sqft,. The entire complex of the building is well-structured and comprises of efficient and large floor plates that are completely suitable for global majors and large trade organizations.

WTC Signature-

This tower of World Trade Center Noida is the tallest tower that sweeps an area of 3.5 L sqft. and holds most all kinds od business facilities for premium offices on its 19 storeys. Signifying power, successfulness and fame, the Signature tower has come up from the India’s largest global plan competition.

TEC 1 and TEC 2-

These twin towers of WTC Noida carry 8 storey which cover an area of 2.7L sq.ft. and consists of adaptable and dynamic workspaces for great teams to move ahead on the path of growth. The unique presence of these towers has created an excellent aesthetics of its façade, and the spatial condition of its bio atrium. Moreover, they are even ready for possession.

Portfolio Spaces-

WTC Noida comes with a vivid presence of modern duplex and double height offices. These offices have an entrance from the viewing deck of 1st floor. Also, these flexible and spacious office spaces are designed to serve as an ideal space for work for Private Equity Firms, design studios, CAs and other businesses.


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