WTC Chandigarh: The fortune of booming Chandigarh

Chandigarh is regarded as one of the wealthiest towns of India. Its renowned infrastructure has lured real estate investors over the years. Its main advantage over the years for the home buyers is its infrastructure, IT sector and close proximity to Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.

But now, the status of realty Chandigarh has further notched up. After its inception, time has now reached, where the city has shined the brightest of all times in the realty arena. Some severe development activities are being witnessed by this Union Territory that will soon enable its drastic facelift.

Recently, Chandigarh has gained a significant attention nationwide. It has witnessed the biggest single asset property deal of the whole country, Elante mall deal. Experts have opinioned that the whopping Rs 1785 crore deal has ignited the much needed thoughts for industrial development of Chandigarh. Mammoth commercial transactions like these can’t be just skipped through. Hailing on the wings lay by these game changer deals, newer developments will embrace Chandigarh and it’s a fertile condition prevailing, where the buyers and investors can sow their dream investments.

It seems like the statement made by the experts were right on cards. In a priceless move which will significantly aid the growth of Chandigarh, the globally renowned business network World Trade Center Association (WTCA) has launched their yet another commercial marvel World Trade Center Chandigarh in Mohali. WTCA is the global real estate organization headquartered in New York. It has a supreme network in about 330 cities all around the globe and the exposure that Mohali, Chandigarh receives with WTC will be a pinnacle one!

WTC Chandigarh will feature world class office spaces, retail area, auditoriums and conference facilities in its gigantic one million built up area. The occupants of this business endeavour will be the part of the global network of WTCA. At WTC Chandigarh, your trade will fly beyond boundaries. Chandigarh WTC will be the best commercial bet for you as it composes the most ultra modern facilities.

wtc chandigarh

Apart from this, the location Mohali, Chandigarh has been also well placed to bear the WTC to its chest. The realty segments like the housing, business and industrial has been well developed in the area, so that WTC Chandigarh can ripen its fruits and yield success.

Above all, another significant development that will boom prospects of WTC Chandigarh is the lately inaugurated New International Airport. It has been one of the biggest achievements of Chandigarh from which its land market value will soon rise. With the new airport, a positive economic impact can be affirmed and the productivity of Chandigarh will take giant leaps, which underlines the best time for investments. When the international flights commence from the Chandigarh International Airport, the future prospects of WTC Chandigarh will also take off!

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