World Trade Center: A priceless investment in Mohali, Chandigarh

Even though it has not been included in the first 20 Smart City list, Chandigarh has been graced by some severe development prospects, much higher than a Smart City might get. The spotlight has shifted to Chandigarh way before when the new international airport started functioning from Mohali last year. Airports generate more threshold energy to real estate of an area than any other developments can. This notion is very much true for Mohali that following the airport, many new developments are now in queue to receive space in Chandigarh.

Thus the investment equation with this city has gained momentum. In a serious advent to reap the best out of this brimming real estate spot, the pinnacle WTCA (World Trade Center Association) has poised their World Trade Center in Mohali. If investments are to be graded according to their potentials, WTC Chandigarh will be definitely occupying the top position. It has an unmatched potential by its massive network of WTCA which links more than 90 countries across the globe under one roof.

wtc chandigarh

WTC Chandigarh is advantageously placed near the new international airport in Mohali and incorporates top quality office spaces, auditoriums, retail area, conference halls and many more. This massive venture will be put up by the assistance of Indian realty giants Viridian Red. WTC Chandigarh promises you 12 percent assured return and lease guarantee. Being close to the airport, it would be shame to mention on the notable rental appreciation it would be receiving over time. Now this is all one gets to tie up primarily with WTC Chandigarh. But there is a lot more, as I said earlier, waiting for the all round face lift of Chandigarh.

  • Mohali IT City project will be another big ticket that will raise the real estate graph of Chandigarh. This will augment the prospects of Mohali along with the new international airport. The IT City project will let Chandigarh imbibe a never seen ultra modern infrastructure.
  • Chandigarh is home for the second largest shopping mall of North India, Elante Mall. Spread over 20 acres, it will be having a gross leasable area of 1,150,000 sq ft. The Rs 1,785 crore worth Elante Mall will also justifiably rings true for laying your priceless investments in Chandigarh.
  • French President Francois Hollande in his three day visit to India last month has offered assistance to development of atleast three Smart Cities in which one is Chandigarh. This will also shower a lot of benefits to Chandigarh.

So Chandigarh is ready with a highly fertile status for planned investors. Are you ready to take your investment portfolio to newer heights with Chandigarh? If yes World Trade Center Chandigarh Aerocity is waiting for your nod in Mohali. Clinch on to a game changer and unmatched investment with WTC Chandigarh.

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