World Square Mall: The fraternity of benefits

world square mall ghaziabadA business is always set up with a clear aim of attaining profits. Businesses to cater the business person with the same, many things are required. Among these top required things, the presence of a healthy and rich commercial project comes at the top. With the rich and healthy project, it is intended to describe the nature of the project which has everything, yes everything which is needed by any business in general. All such things come under one single platform, World Square Mall which is located at the T-junction of Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad.

Extending up to an area more than 6 Lakh square feet, World Square Mall is the true fraternity of benefits. How? It can be simply answered as the project primarily involves many things like-

  1. It is fully operational
  2. Has a world-renowned Dutch chain, SPAR covering 1 Lakh square feet area
  3. Has area available for sale which has 12 percent lease rent
  4. Best connecting answers like the upcoming metro stations

World Square Mall on a total is the building which is the result of a thoughtful design and comes well-equipped with almost every needed convenience like ample parking space, well planned exists, the presence of healthy crowds in the neighborhood etc.

World Square Mall Ghaziabad is a one stop paradise and an ultimate hub of vanilla brands which can drive the shopping frenzy to a peak level. Therefore, investing in such a commercial space which is served with huge amount of footfall can be very fruitful.


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