World Square Mall: Promising present and a fortunate future

world square mall ghaziabadWhen an investor looks forward to invest or a retailer who looks forward to get a retail shop, the only thing that matters, is the future of the project which is taken into consideration. Many projects do involve things that tell a businessman about having a great future. Now, what if a person gets to know about a project that is running successfully in present? A must say, such a project is the real need for any business personal existing on this planet.

A best and a real example of a project that is fully operational and delivering remarkable returns is World Square Mall Ghaziabad. This commercial project is perfectly placed at the T-point of Mohan Nagar, making it easily accessible for every consumer to access it. This easy access by the consumers is the sole reason why WSM comes out with a promising present and growing future.

What perks WSM, Ghaziabad has in its pocket for the investors and the consumers separately?

  1. For the investors, the project is offering assured 12 percent lease rent and a footfall that will really benefit them.
  2. For the consumers, the project is located in such a location which will allow them to enjoy an easy access to it. Also, they will have everything under one roof like different brands, the famous Dutch multinational retail chain, SPAR etc.

So, World Square Mall is not just giving a bright future but also caters a promising present as of now and has the full capability of delivering a fortunate future. Talking about the major USP of this project, SPAR is what comes in the promising package. Thus, it can now be anticipated that your long term wait for the dream commercial will end with World Square Mall.


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