World Square Mall: Defining the truth of being a family mall

The tagline of World Square Mall says – A true family mall and today we are going to define what it actually means. Truly, every family is a true family but all families do need a place to fulfill their hunger of enjoyment. That’s where World Square Mall takes part in. This mall is not just a commercial space which has been built to provide its investors with benefits but also to make sure that the families living in the nearby places are well fed with every sort of enjoyment.

world square mall ghaziabad

World Square Mall sits at the T-point of Mohan Nagar. The location of the mall is so beneficial that it enjoys the highest number of footfall. This football is from the families living in the places surrounding the mall. But why? There are many reasons to kill this why which are –

  1. The mall is well furnished with every kind of facility to kill the hunger of enjoyment.
  2. People can even have their family function hosted at this mall.
  3. Be it a small gatherer or just two friends willing to spend some quality time, this mall seems to work as a great hangout place.

Extending in more than 6 Lakh square feet of built up area, World Square Mall Ghaziabad is also offering 12 percent guaranteed lease rent. The luxury of this mall does not end here as the malls have very high states of standards which assure the safety of your family too. Now, I can sense that you have already planned a recent visit to this mall and this is what we are trying to define.


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