Wave City: taking care of itself and you

The steps initiated in the present lead to the shaping of a better future. This statement seems to be justified with the new residential project of Wave Infratech, Wave City. The reason that this project is a self-sustaining project is very simple and this blog is the prime compilation of such reasons.

Wave City (Swamanorath) is that kind of project which not only takes cares of itself but also of its inhabitants. This DPR approved 4500 acres development is loaded with an immense amount of greenery and comes enveloped in a breathtaking ambiance. Moreover, the developers of this project have taken account of every precise detail for the urban design principles.

Wave Swamanorath

The town-planning of Wave Swamanorath is done by one of most prestigious town planners, AECOM and their collective efforts have turned this dream into a reality. The certification of the project has been provided by IBM and therefore Wave City comes with a promise of implementing a stress-free life. Not just to end here but to ensure more in one place, this project has emerged out to be called as one of the smart cities in the country as it offers various kinds of automated systems altogether in one place.

Wave Swamanorath NH24 is therefore the place which will truly take care of itself and the people living there. Further, the division of the entire project is well planned as it has more than 200 acres of the area subjected to open spaces, 600 acres of area for residential use and more than 100 acres for commercial purposes.


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