Uttar Pradesh is ‘Make in India’s’ most important partner

The state of Uttar Pradesh and the twin cities of Greater Noida and Noida in particular, are being rapidly ushered into the next era of humungous growth and expansion. Ups esteemed chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav, had laid the foundation for a whopping 62 infrastructural projects worth staggering Rs 6796 crores. This never heard of before stimulus is rightly being hailed as the game changer UP has been waiting for and will change the landscape of UP as we know it.

During foundation laying ceremony of these state of the art projects, Akhilesh Yadav extended his unwavering support to the honourary PMs ‘Make in India’ campaign. He also rightly pointed out that his fast developing state will play a immensely crucial role in the success of ‘Make in India’ and that UP is undoubtedly the unique campaigns most critical and important strategic alliance.

Akhilesh Yadav also stated that the state of Uttar Pradesh should be given prime importance in a bid to ensure success of Make in India. The reason for it being the fact that UP possesses all the necessary resources for production in abundant quantity, unlike several other state’s of the nation. Several experts have rightly backed his appeal to the PM saying that the CMs words can be backed by many instances.

For example, the region of Greater Noida Is being developed as a very well strategically planned residential, industrial, commercial, entertainment and employment hub of the future. The construction of the highly anticipated Lucknow-Agra expressway which will connect the city of Lucknow to the national capital of Delhi, is also a step being taken at a fiery pace to positively change the face of UP. Several other projects which were recently launched include but are definitely not limited to Lucknow Haat, post Graduation College in Noida sector 30, 10 world class foot over bridges in Noida, gigantic girls hostel facility in Noida’s sector 62, a super specialty hospital, several bridges on canals and a lot, lot more.

Plans are also in place for providing relief on stamp duty charges in instances where the property is registered in the name of a women. This step will encourage registration in the name of women in the entire state of UP.

Therefore the cities of Greater Noida, Noida and the entire state of UP are on a significant unstoppable role. Noida is being morphed into the city of the future and its surge has only just begun. Noida and Greater Noida and Uttar Pradesh will grow and through their active participation in ‘Make in India’, they will help their nation to grow and develop as well. The UP and Noida juggernaut is impossible to stop. As a result our great nation of India will surge ahead as well.

If real estate consultants in Noida and UP are to be believed, the realty sector will experience a boom as well. Therefore many dreams of owning a home and earning mighty return on investments will be realized as well. Therefore ‘Make in UP’ is the motto’ everyone can rely on and swear by.

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