Travel faster between Noida and Faridabad very soon

Noida is on unstoppable growth and development spree. A major chunk of the issues which plagued the city for so long have almost been ironed out. State of the art project worth a humungous 7000 crores is all set to improve the physical and social infrastructure of the city even further. It’s no wonder that people from a slew of neighbouring cities flock towards Noida to satisfy their medical, entertainment, education and employment needs. The city is on its way to improving even further.

FNG Expressway

The all important Noida Authority has set in motion preparation of blueprints for 2 brand new, state of the art bridges which will end up significantly improving the connectivity between the cities of Noida and Faridabad. The vibrant authority has already zeroed on a consultant but is now awaiting critical approvals from concerned authorities like NCRPB – national capital region planning board. The approvals are expected before 15th May 2015. Post approvals, an immensely detailed report will be made and finalized after which the construction will commence as soon as possible.

The first bridge will connect FNG expressway (Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad) via Noida’s sector 150 to Faridabad’s Palwal. The second bridge will connect Badoli village of Faridabad with sector 168 of Noida. The authority’s consultant has proactively carried on and undertaken a detailed feasibility study. Surveys were conducted by the same regarding seamless alignment of these 2 proposed bridges across the all important Yamuna.

Noida Authority is always at the forefront of undertaking new projects to improve the city even further and this project is no different. The decision to develop these two bridges was taken keeping in mind the usually choked roads between the two cities. Traffic is constantly on the rise and the congestion is all set to increase in the future. Therefore the bridges will make life easier for commuters.

According to the immensely detailed master plan of 2031, these bridges will seamlessly connect Faridabad with Noida and vice versa. Once operational, the bridges will provide instant relief to Lacs of otherwise hapless commuters who spend hours on the road stuck in traffic. The bridges will bring the cities of Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad closer to each other as motorists will not have to cross Delhi while accessing these world class bridges. These bridges are expected to cost the authorities a staggering 1200 crores but are the need of the hour. In fact, in turn the bridges will help commuters in saving a plethora of time and fuel costs each and every day.

These bridges are therefore going to change the face of all these 3 cities for the way better. It is proactiveness of authorities and projects like these which are significantly improving the scenario in entire region of Delhi-NCR. NCR is definitely a force next to impossible to stop and is all set to become the face of India pretty soon. As far as these cutting edge bridges are concerned, they will bridge the gap between the present and the futuristic cities which they are destined to become.

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