The era of sky scrapers in real estate

Sky scrapers had been an image portrayed in the Indian movies to convey the stardom of a foreign city in the early 2000’s. An intentional pan shot of high rise buildings in movies had captured and framed the picture of a grand gesture for a foreign soil. As infrastructure development broke all the shackles and spread more to developing countries, India has also begun to usher into the era of sky scrapers. Among the highlighted cities, Noida is lately witnessing a facelift from low and mid-rise buildings to the high rise concepts. The majority of the recently launched properties are conceived in Noida with 40 stories or above, which is an indication that the city will be cruising to the standards of the global cities. The increased migrations of residents, the presence of corporate companies, besides being a good strategy to deal with the dearth of space are the factors that are fueling the trend in Noida.



Sky scrapers try to attain maximum economic benefits from a single piece of land. As the major chunk of the property cost is accountable for the land it consumes, high rises can utilize the space in the best possible way, especially for the new slice of commercial realty called the mixed use development. Mixed uses are mostly the mix of studio apartments, retail spaces, office spaces and entertainment facilities. It will ease down the pressure on real estate construction in the adjoining areas. People can also access their day to day amenities under one roof in the present day, where time is the most valuable asset.

Lifestyle transition

Times have changed and so do the requirements from real estate. Home buyers and investors are looking for fresh and innovative strives from the builders. As a result, nature friendly and green living adobes have become the buzzword in real estate. High rise buildings will provide compact spaces for satisfying these lifestyles with continuous greeneries and modern amenities. It will also utilize more permitted floor area ratio (FAR) to deliver more sustainable amenities. The consumption of ground area is significantly less and this factor makes the sky scrapers an inevitable reality in the modern day.

Growing business

Noida is day-by-day redefining its status as a business hub. More corporate and business conglomerates are stepping foot in the city and this can be attributed for the splurge of skyscrapers in the city. The massive capital possessions of these corporates are also capable of spending the sound price tag that comes along with these massive structures, thus justifying the boom of high rises.

Complimentary factors

The government policies and reforms are facilitated in favour of building massive high rises. Further, services like architecture, designs, high-speed elevators, pre-fabricated structures and many other complementary factors are also developed to its best, forging a better platform where investors and home buyers are likely to benefit from real estate.

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