The beautiful Devi Mahagauri

The serene Navratri is marching towards its end. In the eighth day, devotees will worship Goddess Mahagauri. According to Hindu mythologies, Goddess Shailputri at the age of sixteen was extremely beautiful. Her fair complexion gained her the name Goddess Mahagauri. On worshipping her on this day, devotees are said to achieve all their desires in life and get rid of all the sins. Worshipping her is also good for improving the knowledge skills. She also is believed to detach sorrows from life.

devi mahagauri

It is stated in the myths, that Devi Mahagauri performed stubborn Tapasya without moving her body. Due to this large amount of dust and soil accumulated in her body. Lord Shiva cleansed her with pure water and hence purity is depicted in Devi Maha Gauri. Planet Rahu is believed to be governed by Goddess Mahagauri.

The iconography of Goddess Mahagauri is beautiful. She is normally portrayed in white saree. She rides on a bull, which has fetched her name Vrisharudha. Goddess Mahagauri has four hands, carrying trishul in one right hand and the other right hand depicts Abhaya Mudra. In the left hand, she adorns a damaru and the other one depicts Varada Mudra.

Divine Mantra:

??????????????????????????????????? |

??????????????????????????????????? ||

Shwete Vrishe Maha Rudha Shwetambardhara Shuchih |

Maha Gauri Subham Dadhyanmahadev Pramodada ||


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