Suncity Anantam: Lead the positive life where positivity reside

suncity anantam vrindavanAll of us need a place where get the positive vibes, inspiration and motivation to lead a positive life and make is successful. Home is where we spend our time relaxing, so our home needs to be a place of positivity. Suncity projects who believe in innovative design, superior standards of construction, customer service and Community values, brings a project Suncity Anantam comprised of all these objectives.

The project is located at Vrindavan, which is a Hindu pilgrimage site and where people visit for inner peace, but what if you can permanently reside at that place with every luxury and comfort. The exact location of the site is Chhatikara, Vrindavan. The location of the project is what makes this site worth a place to reside. Suncity Anantam Vrindavan is comprised of many location advantages, among the locations the most obvious are those ancient temples and other advantage is that you can visit the site easily from Delhi/NCR through NH2. The location is an advantage as there you will have each facility like, ATMs, Banks, Fire stations, Police Stations etc.

The plot area is 117 sq yards to 300 sq yards or 97m to 250m. Vrindavan has developed as recently UP Chief Minister, Yogi Aditya Nath declare to spend around 100 crore on the renovation of the Banke Bihari temple. There are immense of amenities which Suncity Anantam offers, for instance, commercial and industrial spaces, such as for local shopping, office building and non-polluting industries and health facilities, Satsang, yoga and community center as well.

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