Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home This Diwali

It is that time of year when our mothers keep constantly clean the house, every corner of it. That time of year when we make our home sparkle by cleaning every inch of dust. Diwali is coming, which is a festival of lights, positivity, and prosperity.

This is the happy time of the year when you can smell and inhale festivity in the air. Diwali means decoration, all of us start preparing for Diwali from days before by some creative DIYs (Do it yourself).

Here are some simple ways you get your home ready for this Diwali

1. Fresh Flowers All Over The Place

One of the simple ways to decorate your home so that it looks alluring and decent is to put flowers all over your house. Be it entrance, drawing room, hallways, lobby, or a balcony, you can put fresh flowers in vases and let it do the rest.

2. Catchy Entrance of the House

The entrance is the first place that catches one’s eyes and that has to be attractive with full of positivity. You can place diyas, traditional lamps, rangoli, and the likes. The motive behind an alluring entrance is that when your guests arrive, the moment they enter they will get Diwali vibes.

3. Diyas and Fairy Lights

Diwali without diyas and lights isn’t even Diwali, these are the most important things for Diwali décor. You can easily get them online or from a nearby store. However, you can DIY your own diyas, tea-light holders, and candles.

4. Polish old glass and metal to turn them into brand new

We all have old decoration items and materials at our homes, right? Why waste it? You can polish the old metal lanterns and diyas in your own way. While coloring it you can use bright colors and sparkle as well.

5. Fancy Curtains for a cherry on the cake

Curtains are always in fashion but the current trend is all about sheer fancy curtains. You can pair them up with simple contrasting colored curtains. The other idea is to put rice lights on the curtains, it will give the simple curtains a whole new look.

These were some of the great ideas you can opt for this Diwali.

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