Royal city of Neemrana offers royal return on investments

For years, Neemrana has been famous for its royal Neemrana fort. Thus people from all over the country flock to see and comprehend Neemrana fort’s tremendous beauty and architectural achievements. But Neemrana has now grown to be much more than just a tourist hot stop. It has forged into one of India’s most rapidly expanding and emerging industrial hub. As a result, Neemrana has turned into the real estate destination of the future.

Neemrana is located in close vicinity to NH8 and all the key cities of Delhi-NCR. It was also recently made an integral part of the national capital region. Also the concerned and always on the move authorities of Neemrana have turned it into the numero uno manufacturing and investment choice for most. The state of the art and cutting edge Japanese Zone has become the new face and pride of Neemrana. Spread across 1200 acres of lush green land, it is currently operating at an impressive 70 to 80% capacity and has changed the face of Neemrana for the way better. Well renowned names like NYK logistics, Nippon, Nissan, Mitsui chemicals and Daikin are just few of the names who have invested a lot of moolah in Neemrana.

Export promotion industrial park which was developed on a staggering 3500 acres of land by RIICO and Japan external trade organization are the other manufacturing hubs which have made Neemrana a force to be reckoned with which it is today. Demand for residential real estate is on the rise in Neemrana as the people working at these manufacturing facilities look to buy affordable living spaces. Investors are also on the scout as the prospects of tremendous return on investments are phenomenal in the long run.

The real estate boom has just commenced at Neemrana as the demand for housing is on the rise from investors and end users alike. As more and more firms open up their manufacturing units at Neemrana and the existing ones expand at a fiery pace, the demand can only grow by leaps and bounds from here onwards. For instance, Hero Motors, India’s largest two wheeler manufacturer has plans to invest a mighty 5000 crores in building new manufacturing facilities in the country. Fortunately for Neemrana, a major chunk of this investment is slated to be invested in the city. Hero is already the market leader in India and is looking to capture the highly competitive US and European markets as well and this is where Neemrana comes into the picture.

This is just one such instance where a gigantic firm has its eyes set on Neemrana. The Neemrana growth story and barrage has just started to take off. The only direction in which Neemrana’s industrial and real estate market will proceed is upwards and rightly so. So explore this once in a lifetime opportunity to live or invest in Neemrana almost instantly and witness your money grow by epic proportions. Royal city of Neemrana certainly offers royal return on investments.

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