Rise Organic Ghar: The epitome of green architecture

Buildings and its surroundings are inseparable. A building can’t exist without its surroundings; in fact it is what defines it. Your home defines your living environment and living conditions. Undoubtedly, it also explains your social well being and health. In this present world what you need is a tranquil, eco-friendly home to rebuild the healthy lifestyle in urban areas. Let me invite your attention to the emerging real estate market of NH-24, Ghaziabad, where you will hug one of the best eco-friendly homes in NCR.

In the sidelines of inking the global historic climate change agreement, it can be underlined that the next generation terminology in the real estate is alarmingly demanding to be green homes. Rise Developers exemplified this notion and has come up with a new green home titled as Organic Ghar in NH-24, Ghaziabad. This green home is built with the nature by reducing the impacts that are caused by conventional homes. Delivering you distinct sized 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom apartments, your home in Organic Ghar will be energy efficient, comfortable and healthy.

rise organic ghar

However, in this technology advanced world you need to keep an eye on luxury too, since its indispensable to portray a good lifestyle. In order to attain this, Rise Organic Ghar will also provide you most updated amenities such as swimming pool, club house, theme based parks, kids play zone and sports facilities to enlarge the canvas of your lifestyle. In the affordable soil of NH-24, Ghaziabad, Organic Ghar will be fine-drawn in terms of financial aspects.

While quoting the locational advantages, Organic Ghar is far more pleasing. Infrastructural growth has been high in this unique belt of NH-24 in Ghaziabad. The proposed Metro routes and the ongoing widening works of NH-24 are the major developments happening in favour for Organic Ghar. Your home will be placed in the best place with close proximity with landmarks like Columbia Multi Specialty Hospital and IMT Ghaziabad, making it a salient residential property for you to shoot at.

While conventional homes use large amounts of resources and emit surplus wastes, green home Organic Ghar will relay on sustainable resources and construction methods. The demand on green homes will soon flourish in Delhi-NCR and Rise Organic Ghar in NH-24, Ghaziabad is just a beginning of a new era of green architecture.

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