Rise Organic Ghar: The beauty of life exists only with nature

The real essence of eco-friendly lifestyle depends on how we are taught and exposed to it in reality. We loved our nature because we were exposed to it in the very childhood itself. Unfortunately, our children are only exposed or taught about smartphones and fast foods. Even if you want to expose your children to the outdoor life in the present scenario, your child may only end up with respiratory syndromes. Neither the odd-even car formula nor any measures would attain its intended result soon, unless each individual puts himself accountable in taking care of nature.

Let your initiative begin from your dream home itself. Having a unique green home will lessen your worries to a major extend in the urban hood. The major real estate players Rise Developers have put forward the best equation for your green home in the futuristic location of NH-24, Ghaziabad. Here you can show your children and grand children that the beauty of life exists with nature. This green home is christened as Rise Organic Ghar and will precisely located nearby Lal Kuan, NH-24, Ghaziabad.

This green home will offer you 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments which are also perfectly baked with luxurious amenities also. This is not the first time that Rise Developers has solidly implemented the notion of green homes in NCR. If we analyze the history of this vibrant developer, we will be confronted with their state of art projects like Organic Homes and Sky Bungalows. These projects had witnessed large number of footfall owing to its top-notch luxuries and eco-friendly features. Understanding the need of the clients, they have put forward yet another organic adobe in the best affordable market of NCR, Ghaziabad.

organic ghar

Organic Ghar will unfurl in NH-24, Ghaziabad with many naturalistic features. It will incorporate lush greeneries, eco-friendly design, rainwater harvesting, self generation and utilization of energy. Rise Group has also added top class amenities which go hand in hand with the above mentioned eco-friendly features of Organic Ghar which will result in a unique faultless living style for you. It will have beautiful swimming pool, yoga lawns, club house, theme based parks, kids play zone, sports facilities and many more stuffs to provide you a new notion of luxury. Rise Developers has also opened awe-inspiring booking offers for Organic Ghar, with which you can book your 1/2/3/4 BHK apartments at feasible rates starting at Rs 35,000, Rs 45, 000, Rs 75,000 and Rs 1.25 Lakhs respectively.

Your dream home located in Ghaziabad will have a lot of advantages. The city has been included in the new era development prospect of Smart City, for which the municipal corporation is geared up to send a detailed Smart City Proposal (SCP). The proposal will detail the plans to enrich population, water supply, power supply, parks, public conveniences and many more. The location will soon shine brighter with these prime initiatives and your pure organic habitat, Organic Ghar will also glitter.

An ideal location should also have good connectivity and rich neighbourhood. With NH-24, we can completely rectify the connectivity issues as it eases down commutation to prime cities like Delhi and Noida. Organic Ghar in NH-24, Ghaziabad will be boomed by the presence of Columbia Multi Specialty Hospital and Institute of Management and Technology, so that its surroundings are perfect for your life. So it’s time to mark the end to the cursed urban life and to melt down by the way of nature’s law. Earn your Rise Organic Ghar and show the next generation that life is blessed only with nature!

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