Rise above mediocrity with Rise Organic Homes

The whole of Ghaziabad is still abuzz and the city will never-ever be the same again. In what can undoubtedly be termed as Ghaziabad’s most hip and happening night ever, the official launch party of Rise Organic Homes was an event that no one will ever forget. In its prelaunch stage itself a major chunk of the available apartments had been sold. But it was Organic Homes launch party which will stand out and be remembered for decades to come. Rise Organic Homes Ghaziabad is the name trending everywhere in the media and rightly so.

The mega launch event was a gala affair filled with tasty food, fun, celebrities and frolic. All the attendees were seen having the time of their lives. Well renowned Bollywood celebrities like Shraddha Kapoor, Shibani Kashyap, Bruna Abdullah and Mandira Bedi graced the event with their presence. Therefore Rise Organic Homes launch was Ghaziabad’s most star studded affair ever. Thus things have commenced with a bang for Rise Organic Homes and the landscape of the city will never be the same, but obviously for the way better.

rise organic homes

End Users and investors are gung ho about Rise Organic Homes and it is a name known to one and all. All the limelight and spotlight is on Organic Homes and it deserves every single bit of it. Afterall it is being hailed by the real estate arena of NCR as the undisputed epitome of the natural way of life. Rise Organic Homes Ghaziabad is the greenest, nature friendly and natural residential space that NCR has ever seen.

It’s never before seen and immensely unique architecture brings its residents way closer to nature. Every apartment will be recipient to abundance of natural air and light. With lush greenery surrounding it from all possible directions, Rise Organic Homes feels like residing in the lap of nature. Thus Organic Homes is a perfect respite for one and all that dream of escaping the chaotic hustle bustle of a city and live closer to nature. Thus Rise Organic Homes is nothing sort of a heaven on earth for all end users.

Organic Homes is strategically located on the rapidly developing NH24. NH24 is poised for an explosion of growth and will lead to a significant rise in real estate prices in the region. To top it up, Rise Organic Homes is competitively priced, thus for all those who are looking to invest their hard earned money in the safe and sound investment vehicle known as real estate, Organic Homes Ghaziabad is an opportunity they should not miss out on.

To make things even sweeter, a plethora of cutting edge and luxurious amenities extended at Organic Homes makes life a stress free and pleasurable ride. Infinity pool, rooftop club, in house retail stores, 70% green area, personal elevators and a lot more help Organic Homes in standing out of the crowd. Also within a meager radius of 5KMs all the necessary and basic facilities like ATMs, schools, hospitals, malls and colleges are easily accessible. So explore the world of Rise Organic Homes Ghaziabad and ditch the artificial way of life.

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