Is Your Savings Going For The Right Investment?

Pebble Downtown FaridabadTraditionally, investing in real estate for an individual has meant buying a home or another residential unit. The primary reason for this is the fact that depending on the market dynamics, the capital appreciation on a residential investment is quicker. But recently market has observed certain changes; as people who are looking forward to invest in property are now buying Retail Shops instead of residential units.

With a boom in the real estate industry both residential and retail will be giving steady returns but if you are looking forward for higher returns then you need to look out for retail shops. The cost of the retail shops depends on the location like if your retail shop is in a high-end micro market the overall cost of the retail shop will be higher but then it promises the capital appreciation in future and it surely will be the most attracting investment. Appreciation values are better in emerging locations or under construction properties as compared to established location.

If you are also looking forward to invest then surely you can invest in one well-established market location that is Pebble Downtown. The project is located in sector-12, Faridabad which has very close proximity with an Industrial Hub. It is a well suited location for retail shops as known fashion brands like Chunmun, Planet Fashion, Peter England, Cobb Italy, Wrangler are located there which make the location a high-end market. Apart from these fashion brands some of the known food delicacies places like Haldiram’s, Punjabi Handi, Chicago Pizza, Dominos, Karims, Synk Lounge and Bar which make the real contribution to make this location more attractive.

Downtown Faridabad is just below a working metro station, opposite to Bata Chowk and just 2 minutes drive to Town Park. Haryana Sports Complex is also very close to these retail shops. Big and known hotels like Radisson Blu and Ginger are very near the project location. Rethink if you are searching for any else place or location for investment.

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