Panache Valley raises the bar in Dehradun

Uttarakhand’s capital is the immensely beautiful city of Dehradun. It is a city like no other and therefore thousands of people flock towards it for spending some quality time with loved ones on holidays or their retirement days in its scenic valleys. But Doon is so much more than merely a state of the art holiday destination. It is also renowned for its nearness to the wonderful Mussorie, cutting edge educational institutes and abundance of natural resources.

But Doon is also fast turning into an in demand real estate investment destination. People have woken up to the fact that Dehradun is a real estate gold mine waiting to be explored. Thus naturally a plethora of awe inspiring residential and commercial real estate projects have cropped up in the fiercely emerging city. The fact that Doon extends unmatched ROI – return on investments, offers magnificent and scenic views all year round, is a very well established education and industrial hub of the nation which is getting bigger and better by the day, amongst others, have attracted realty investors and end users alike. For instance, Doon is NRIs 5th most sought after investment destination in India.

Adarsh Developers is an immensely established name in real estate space of our great country. A torrent of world class projects, delivered in a timely fashion has helped Adarsh Developers build an unmatched rapport with all its residents. Its next game changing foray is all set to take the scenic Doon by storm. Panache Valley is the home you all have been waiting for. Panache Valley at Doon’s beautiful valleys is a combination which will be impossible to emulate ever again by anyone and anywhere.

Panache Valley is strategically based in the mystic valleys of Doon and is a residential project which will redefine the way people live in the city. Living at Panache Valley feels as if the mighty Himalayas adorn your backyard. Surrounded by majestic mountains from all four sides, Panache Valley is recipient to breathtaking views all year long. Panache Valley is a perfect amalgamation of nature friendly living, luxury, comfort and a stress free living environment. To make things even better, a plethora of amenities on offer at Panache Valley makes life feel like a leisurely evening stroll in a lush green park.

– Gated community manned by vigilant security personnel.

– Modern clubhouse and well equipped gym.

– Unhindered supply of water and electricity.

– Sporting facilities and a wide jogging track.

– Rain water harvesting, lush green parks and several other organic/green features.

Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise or shock that Panache Valley is the most in demand living spaces in Dehradun. It is not arrogance if you can back it up, they say, and it is completely applicable in the case of Panache Valley. It has certainly raised the bar of the entire city of Dehradun. Doon will never-ever be the same again.

Dehradun is undoubtedly the magnum opus of god. So explore Doon in a never before seen avatar and change your life for the way better by residing at Panache Valley.

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