Organic Ghar will set off the fame of Rise Developers to new heights

Rise Developers is one of the significant real estate builders in Delhi-NCR. The key note for this group is that they are a vibrant builder, who knows that success is not final. For Rise Developers, success is about keeping digging for new notions, innovative ideas and importantly, the thirst for implementing them at the best quality. This is why we can underline that the fame of Rise Developers will conquer more horizons than what they significantly achieved for Sky Bungalows and Organic Homes.

Apart from the dream amenities, features and specification, the success of a residential property largely centers on its location. Rise Developers are also vigilant about their location too. NH-24 is a prime location in Ghaziabad advantageously placed for top class residential properties and Rise Developers has taken it with full advantages. After Organic Homes, Rise Developers has launched their second sublime home in the booming location of NH-24, titled as Rise Organic Ghar.

The main fact about NH-24 Ghaziabad is that this particular stretch has been the first affordable housing hub in the whole Delhi-NCR. Thus the affordable Organic Ghar has been positioned nearby Lal Kuan in favour for you in NH-24 Ghaziabad. In this shivering winter, Rise Group has featured Organic Ghar with extra benefits for you than its prime advantage of being located in an affordable market and booming location. Organic Ghar has put forward astonishing booking rates for you for all its variants.

organic ghar

Residential Rise Organic Ghar hosts all the variants in NH-24, Ghaziabad. For those who love to have less junk of furniture, Organic Ghar has 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments. For those who want more spacious apartments, it also has 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments. Needless to say for a Rise Group venture, all these apartments are a perfect blend of luxury and eco-friendly features.

Now back to the booking offers of Organic Ghar, the 1 BHK can be booked at a feasible rate of just Rs 35,000 only, which is followed by sublime offers for 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK which can be booked for respective unique prices of Rs 45,000, Rs 75,000 and Rs 1.25 Lakhs. This special offer will gain you additional benefit in the affordable market of NH, 24 Ghaziabad.

Having said that the Rise Organic Ghar is located in one of the affordable segments of Delhi-NCR, it doesn’t imply that your home will fall short of any dream amenities. Organic Ghar has incorporated all the dream amenities you need to prosper in the flawless location of NH-24, Ghaziabad. You will have dream amenities like swimming pool, jogging track, yoga lawn, kids play zone, sports facilities and many more in this organic adobe to prosper your life. Being quoted as an organic adobe, this Rise Developers venture will refresh you with its lush green surroundings, rainwater harvesting, self generation of energy, naturalistic design and an eco-friendly construction.

When we detail the locational parameters of Rise Organic Ghar, NH-24 Ghaziabad can be found to be exhibiting unmatchable advantages for you. This particular stretch is an important road linkage between the prime NCR cities like Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida. The Columbia Multi Specialty Hospital and the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) will occupy the close neighbourhood of Organic Ghar. New infrastructure developments are being proposed in this location and has been implementing fast paced to achieve the immediate future potential of NH-24, Ghaziabad. Metro links are one among the significant developments, which can be expected to be piercing the whole of Ghaziabad soon. So Rise Organic Ghar will be your perfect home in the NCR’s emerging location NH-24, Ghaziabad.

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