One step closer to nature

Organic Ghar has every ingredient that qualifies a dream home. When Vaibhav Jain, the anchor architect behind Rise Developers, conceived this idea, he wanted it to be an epic addition to the construction sector of Delhi-NCR. What will make his Organic Ghar stand above the crowd?

Undoubtedly it is the thread that connects you to the nature. Constructed in the nature’s way, Organic Ghar mocks at the conventional homes which stink in luxury without any positive ambiances for peaceful, healthy and meditative living.

The distinct sized 1/2/3/4BHK apartments in Organic Ghar servers the tie with nature which is essential in the urban hood. The rate at which the construction in Delhi-NCR is shooting up has raised deep concerns on the environment. But with havens like Organic Homes these concerns can be kept at bay.

Rise Organic Ghar

By its features and amenities in a proportion that is unlike to be seen anywhere else, Organic Ghar has its place in among the rare and true eco-friendly homes. A home inspired by nature in every manner, driven by sustainability and topping in effectiveness.

No beams are knowingly built in ‘straight line’ at Organic Ghar, in fact is the magic of curves. The architecture focuses on using natural light and space at its best to gets its occupants a refreshing life. The generous cross-ventilations will compliment this by boosting airflow inside the premises.

Organic Ghar breathes happiness and exhale satisfaction to the inmates who live under its roof. Life will be brimming inside and outside of Organic Ghar. However, having praised the eco-friendly features so much doesn’t mean that Organic Homes is short in luxury.

Organic Ghar is a getaway home planned with USP’s like awe-inspiring infinity pool, clubhouse and stocking much more. Jogging tracks, yoga lawn, party lawns will comprise your active life. Infinity pool here will be making an extravagant feel for you.

Anchored to the propitious NH-24 will augment the desire to accrue this haven. Occupants will be graced by Columbia Asia Multi Specialty Hospital and Institute of Management and Technology, besides many civic amenities that will cater your active social life.

So get the hopeful Rise Organic Ghar in NH-24, Ghaziabad and stay blessed with your family.

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