Noida’s Yamuna e-way toll increases yet again

Commuters utilizing the all important Yamuna expressway will now have to pay more moolah towards payment of toll tax. In a 2nd rate revision in as many months, the toll charges for cars for a 1 way trip to the city of Taj, Agra, from Greater Noida has significantly shot up by a massive Rs 30 from 1st April 2015.

Jaypee Infratech, the concessionaire of the state of the art expressway, pointed out that this is technically not a hike in toll charges but just withdrawal of a discount which was being extended to vehicles since the year 2012 when the speedway was first inaugurated. The rise in toll fee reflects a hike ranging between 3% and 20%. The revision has been approved by the mighty YEIDA – Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority and notified by the UP state government.

The revised toll charges for cars is a staggering Rs 360 while it has been hiked to Rs 175 (up by Rs 10) for 2 wheelers for just a 1 way trip. While for trucks and buses, there is absolutely no change in the charges, which still remains intact at Rs 1,150.

Tax for light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and mini-buses has also witnessed a hike by Rs 15 to reach Rs 565. But, for multi-axle or oversized vehicles, it has remained unchanged at a high, Rs 2,250.

As per the new toll charges which will be levied, hapless expressway users will be overcharged Rs 2.20 per KM in the case of light vehicles like jeeps and cars, Rs 3.45 for LCVs – light commercial vehicles like minibuses and medium heavy vehicles, Rs 7 for trucks and buses. While earth moving equipment and heavy construction machinery will be levied Rs 10.75 and last but not the least, multi-axle heavy vehicles will also be asked to shell out more charges.

The all important expressway has 3 toll plazas located at Mathura (94km), Jewar (38km) and Agra (150km).

Commuters travelling to the city of Jewar are levied toll for 0 to 48 kilometers. The toll for this particular section of the important expressway has not been enhanced for 2-wheelers. For 4-wheelers like jeeps or cars and LCVs, the toll is now Rs 105 and Rs 165 respectively. The charges for2 wheelers for its Mathura section (that is 48km to 109km) has also not been hiked at all but the fee for 4-wheelers in this section have spiked up by 3.8% to Rs 135.

Charges for motorists travelling along the its Agra section (that is 109.41km to 164.3km) will have to shell out a toll of Rs 60 instead of the usual Rs 50 which is around 20% more for 2-wheelers, 20% more for 4-wheelers and 5.5% more for light commercial vehicles.

The move is all set to make a dent in the pockets of motorists and commuters. So get set, to shell out more money for your daily commuting needs.

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