Noida is on the highway to growth and development

Noida is undoubtedly a metropolitan city of the future. The city which used to be a huge barren piece of land, can now efficiently give its international counterparts a run for their money. Therefore the trend of people from all over the globe of being immensely interested in making Noida their dream home, hardly comes as a surprise or shock. Very recently the city’s infrastructure got a boost worth a humungous 7000 crores and is on the highway to massive development and growth. But the best part of Noida is that whatever problems were holding it down is being resolved at a rapidly quick pace. The Noida barrage cannot possibly be stopped anytime soon.

property growth and developmentsVarious instances of how Noida is fast becoming the next big thing can be cited. The vibrant Noida Authority met this week to take stock of the development and progress of the all important two new metro links of Noida. The 2 new state of the art metro rail routes are between Kalindi Kunj and Botanical Garden, and the other between Noida City Centre and Noida’s commercial hub of sector 62.

For the first link, tracks on the side of Delhi have already been laid, that is approximately 20% of the work has already been completed. The work on this highly crucial link is right on track and is expected to be completely operational by the stipulated date of December 2016. As far as the sector 62 link is concerned, tenders are yet to be floated and finalized but the project is said to be right on track. Once completed and operational, both these cutting edge metro routes will increase the ease of commuting between the cities of Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon and also within Noida itself.

Also, it is no secret that the crucial sectors 62, 63, 64 and 65 have long been marred by constant traffic jams and highly congested roads caused by encroachment of roads by street vendors. In a move which will improve the flow of traffic in the city, concerned authorities carried out a drive to remove squatters from the roads. The drive was carried out amidst massive presence of police officials.

In another instance, steps are being undertaken to establish Noida as a model city as far as preservation of energy is concerned. The vibrant Noida Authority is strategically planning to replace the current and existing street lights with world class LEDs bulbs throughout the fast emerging city of Noida. LED bulbs are rightly considered to be energy efficient and will lead to many benefits in the long run including bringing down maintenance costs, better lighting on street and less wastage of electricity amongst others.

Therefore Noida will keep on growing and becoming better by the minute because of a torrent of unique and game changing initiatives like these. Noida is undoubtedly the place to be at. So explore the tremendous and wonderful city of Noida today and live a better life.

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