Noida is growing and developing like never before

There is something about Noida. Ask any of the Lakhs of people who flock towards the city in order to fulfill their employment, entertainment, educational and medical needs and they will let you know how much they love the city and rightly so. Every single bit of love and appreciation which comes its way is duly deserved by it. Many people wonder that how Noida does manages to stay at the top of the game at all times. The answer is simple, Noida is never static, and it keeps upgrading and improving itself with changing times, which is the need of the hour after all.

In a few such recent instances, several key government officials and authorities of Noida have decided to extend the metro rail network to the rapidly emerging and all important Noida Extension region. The Supreme Court’s game changing verdict of legalizing the land acquisition undertaken by Noida Authority at Noida Extension has taken the realty arena by storm. End users and investors who were rightly shying away from the region are back in large numbers and the activity will only get better with time.

Now as lakhs of people will be able to live in the homes which they had purchased many years back, the population of the region is slated to grow multifold pretty soon. Therefore connectivity via public transport, especially metro, is immensely crucial for its residents and they simply can’t survive without one. Also as footfalls are expected in gigantic numbers, the project has finally become financially viable for NMRC as well. Therefore the concerned authorities are working day and night to prepare a detailed report and proposal for the same which will in turn be approved by the UP government. Thus commuting woes at Noida Extension will very soon be a thing of the past.

Built with keeping Delhi Airport T3 terminal’s state of the art parking facility in mind, Noida sector 18s multi level parking facility is the game changer everyone had been waiting for. Currently the facility can accommodate a mighty 500 cars at a time and has helped immensely in decongesting the busy and jam packed roads in and around the market. But the great news is that from the coming week onwards, the facility will open its door to 250 more vehicles which will improve the situation even further.

The plan is to make the facility completely operational by March 2016 when the parking will be able to accommodate a whopping 4000 vehicles at a stretch. The facility is expected to cost the authority crores and crores but the convenience of residents of the city is Noida Authority’s only concern.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has put a strong foot forward and has freed a staggering 50 acres of land from the vice like grip of land mafia. The land is worth crores and can now be utilized for the development and growth of the city like never before.

So don’t blink twice before making Noida your new dream home. Explore this ever improving city today.

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