Neemrana is the new real estate hub of India

Neemrana is being hailed as the new industrial and employment hub of the nation and rightly so. It is undoubtedly the most rapidly developing industrial hub in the entire north India. Neemrana is located just off the all important NH8 and is in close proximity to several other crucial industrial junctures like Bhiwadi, Tapukhera and Bawal. Neemrana, which hails from the state of Rajasthan, is now also strategically a part of the national capital region.

Thus it comes as no surprise at all that the fast growing region has been recipient to a plethora of investments from giant Japanese manufacturing firms such as Mitsui chemicals, Nissan, Nippon, NYK logistics and Daikin amongst others. Neemrana also strategically lies next to the first phase of the all important Mumbai-Delhi industrial corridor. RIICO – The Rajasthan state industrial development and Investment Corporation has worked day and night to establish a plethora of industrial zones in Neemrana to establish itself as the new numero uno industrial hub of India. The demand for housing is pretty high from people who are employed with these Japanese firms and thus the Neemrana realty boost got commenced.

Therefore Neemrana possesses the two most crucial elements which make any place the hotspot for real estate investments, that is, high return on investment prospects along with affordable entry points. Real estate developers have realized the immense potential of Neemrana as a real estate destination and have thus commenced acquisition of land at a fiercely rapid pace. Those who already possess land are developing it day and night. Neemrana offers unmatched potential for integrated townships and affordable housing projects.

More and more firms are entering Neemrana by the second and the already existing ones are on a rapid expansion spree. As the number of employees grows along with the number of industries and as this workforce become more and more affluent, the demand for housing is going to skyrocket in the very near future. With the master plan 2031 for Neemrana already in place, the city is all set for a major infrastructural boost. The concerned authorities are planning the city to the minutest of detail possible.

Plans are already in motion to set up a state of the art cargo airport at Neemrana. Plus a torrent of multinational firms has expressed keen interest in setting up their manufacturing hubs in Neemrana as well. With such industrial growth blossoming at Neemrana, investments in real estate will witness a massive spike soon and rightly so.

Property prices in Neemrana are immensely affordable at the moment as they range between 2500 to 3500 per square feet. Thus for investors who aim to grow their hard earned wealth in the long run, Neemrana is an opportunity like no other. The growth and boom in Neemrana has just kick started and the Neemrana juggernaut is next to impossible to stop. So explore this residential and real estate hub of the future and watch your money grow multifold.

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