Navigating the Real Estate Market by understanding MahaRERA’s Crackdown on 388 Projects

For both homeowners and investors, having access to clear and current information regarding housing projects is crucial in the dynamic city of Mumbai, where real estate opportunities abound. By overseeing and controlling projects, the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) plays a significant part in preserving the integrity of the real estate market. Recent incidents, however, have shown how crucial it is to follow MahaRERA’s rules. In this blog article, we will examine MahaRERA’s most recent activities, emphasizing its retaliation against 388 projects and the wide-ranging effects on the Maharashtra real estate market.

Understanding MahaRERA’s Recent Measures

MahaRERA recently took a decisive stance by cracking down on 388 projects that had failed to update their Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs). These reports serve as a vital source of transparency, offering potential homebuyers valuable insights into the progress of housing projects. The crackdown resulted in the freezing of bank accounts for these non-compliant projects and imposed a ban on marketing housing inventory or registering sale agreements.

The Extent of the Crackdown

This proactive measure was not confined to a specific region; it encompassed projects from various parts of Maharashtra. Out of the 388 projects facing disciplinary action, 127 hailed from the Mumbai metropolitan region, 120 from western Maharashtra, and 57 from both North Maharashtra and Vidarbha. Additionally, 16 projects were based in the Marathwada region and 11 in Konkan. Notably, a majority of these projects were managed by smaller, lesser-known builders.

A Glimpse into the Background and Timeline

The crackdown followed months of notices sent to non-compliant projects. In January of the same year, MahaRERA registered 746 new housing projects. To ensure compliance, the authority initiated a monitoring exercise and appointed a nodal officer responsible for collecting information from projects that had neglected to update their mandatory data. Show-cause notices were issued, granting project promoters ample time to rectify their non-compliance. Out of the 746 projects, only 358 responded positively, leading to action against the remaining 388.

MahaRERA’s Regulatory Measures

Project promoters are compelled by Section 11 of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) to submit quarterly and annual status reports on the MahaRERA website. In addition, MahaRERA has introduced a requirement for projects to display QR codes. These measures aim to equip home buyers with updated and transparent information, facilitating well-informed decisions.

The Path Ahead

In its ongoing commitment to enhancing transparency, MahaRERA plans to introduce a grading system for projects, beginning early in 2024. This system will empower consumers to identify and invest in the finest projects, further reinforcing accountability within the real estate sector.


The latest MahaRERA crackdown on 388 projects demonstrates the organization’s unwavering commitment to promoting accountability and openness in the real estate industry. This action not only guarantees that prospective home owners have access to proper information, but it also acts as a reminder to project promoters of the significance of abiding by regulatory standards. MahaRERA’s measures are a crucial step towards creating trust and confidence among all industry players as the real estate sector continues to change. For individuals considering making an investment in the thriving real estate market in Maharashtra, staying informed about such changes is essential for making wise choices.