mox advantagesMobile Open Exchange (MOX) zone will be dedicated to a huge mobile industry located in Greater Noida comprising a platform to mobile manufacturers and app developers. There are several benefits and advantages of MOX, let’s discuss them briefly.

  • Generates huge employment opportunities

The MOX cluster will be expanding over the whole Techzone sector Greater Noida and it’s an ecosystem in itself. This will be an ideal platform for mobile manufacturers and app developers. As there are many roles in this big cluster then naturally there will be huge employment, which will automatically support the Government’s initiatives.

  • Major catalyst for infrastructure growth

As the whole Techzone sector will be turned into the Mobile Open Exchange Zone then the infrastructure has to be supreme. The expansion of infrastructure will attract growth and development.

  • Opens new investment opportunities

MOX is a cluster that oversees all the operations conducted on a large scale which will engage investment worldwide and bring various opportunities.

  • Boosts realty sector heavy commercial activities of different business clusters

Clearly, the presence of this big cluster of mobile open exchange will boost the realty sector. The presence of different business clusters and heavy commercial activities in the Techzone sector will be the major USP for the rest of the area and property there.

  • Has a multiplier effect value chain involved in production distribution

MOX is made up of three pillars Infrastructure, Hardware, and Software which will produce effectively and efficiently value chain in product distribution.

Success stories of business sectors in India

  1. Bangalore’s ICT Cluster

Bangalore contributes up to 38% of India’s total IT Exports amounting to approximately $45 billion.

  1. Surat Diamond and Textile

Surat ranked 8th in India with a GDP of $40 billion in the fiscal year 2011–2012 ($14 billion in 2010). Surat GDP in 2020 will be around $57 billion.

  1. Gurgaon-Manesar Industrial Cluster

Gurgaon accounted for almost 70% of the total investments – worth Rs. five lakh crore – attracted by Haryana till the last fiscal year (2014-15).


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