Is Your Office Designed Perfectly According To Vastu Shastra?

vastu tips for offficeAll over the world, Vastu Shastra has helped in redefining the new age offices. More and more companies are increasingly accepting the concept of Vastu and applying it in all the possible ways. Moreover, using Vastu Shastra does not disturb the modern look; it has now gained a wide acceptance all over the world. Every space has a certain energy field and if they are not assigned properly people around the office may not feel comfortable while working. So it is very important to get your office planned according to Vastu.

  • East facing is considered good for office spaces.
  • Avoid irregular shape of the plot while square or rectangle is best for office structure.
  • Reception of the office reflects the nature and power of the organization. The reception should carry companies profile on the south wall of the area and the table should be diagonal facing to the main door.
  • Reception should be decorated well with the flowers to give all the positive energies and sweets should be offered to the clients to maintain good relations with the outer world.
  • Accounts people should be placed in the eastern side of the office and facing the east too.
  • Marketing and the sales staff should be placed in the North direction.
  • Water resource or element if any, must be placed or installed in North-East of the office.
  • The main head or owner of the business organization must face North while working or dealing with clientele.
  • Northern or eastern sides are suitable for executive and other staff.
  • Colors in office should be pleasing and bright which do not spread sadness or gloom.
  • Attractive pictures should be there on walls while you should avoid war or evil depicting pictures.
  • Avoid sitting under a beam.
  • The size of your desk, as well as the size of your office, indicates your power and status in the firm. You will progress faster in your career if your desk is larger than usual for your particular job.
  • Plants can be used along with mirrors and bright lighting to open up narrow and cramped spaces. Plants have the advantage of enhancing the environment and bringing in positive energy.
  • Make sure that the chair you sit on is comfortable and is adjusted to the right height. You will produce much more work from a comfortably aligned chair than you will from an uncomfortable chair of the wrong height.

These are some easy and possible hacks which surely will make your work more progressive leaving positive vibes to make your office environment positive.

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