Is Your Home Blessed With All Positive Energies At Pooja Or Meditation Place?

pooja room direction“Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. You will forever be mindful of what and who you are allowing in your space.” Your home is the place from where you gain energies. If your home is a place offering bundle of positive energies undoubtedly it is an assurance that you will live a peaceful and prosperous life. As said and believed that there is Vaastu Shastra mostly followed by most of us to make things better everywhere.

There are certain guidelines which are specifically mentioned for certain places and things like starting from your main door entrance there are some particular do’s and don’ts which make your entrance more auspicious. Similarly, when it comes to the prayer area and meditation area in a home, there are several points that should be followed, to ensure maximum positive effects for the home’s inhabitants.


  • As per Pooja Room Vastu, north-east corner of home is best site for Pooja place.
  • East and west are second best locations.
  • Keep the Pooja place on ground floor.
  • Images or idols of Deity or god should be positioned in such a way that devotee faces east while making a prayer.
  • Place copper pot containing water at the northeast direction of the temple. Change this water daily.
  • Place light or Diya in the south-east corner of the Pooja Room.
  • Keep this area neat, clean and also clutter-free. Space of worship should be invoked simplicity and cleanliness.
  • Always keep some insulation while praying or sitting in the temple such as mat or carpet.
  • Home temple is ideal in wood while marble constructed temples are also considered appropriate.
  • Make sure that all the idols are always in perfect condition.
  • If the roof of pooja room is pyramid shape then it’s very auspicious.
  • Use white, light yellow or light blue colors for walls of pooja room.
  • Facing east when you meditate will increase positivity.
  • Create a sacred altar and decorate it with candles or incense sticks


  • Make sure the Mandir in your house is not positioned next to the bathroom. One should even avoid building a Mandir in the bedroom or the kitchen.
  • Don’t build a Mandir underneath the stairs, or construct any structure over it, as you would end up symbolically stepping on it.
  • Never place pictures of deceased people or your Guru in the Mandir. This is because the deceased person or guru was a human being, and as such, have a lower position in comparison to God.
  • Never ever – under any circumstances – conceal any money or other valuables in pooja place.

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