Investment looks better when it comes with WTC Chandigarh

If things progress according to the plan, Mohali will soon embed its name in the list of cities having the elite address of World Trade Center’s. Once this happens, Chandigarh will mark its fresh chapter to propel its trade and industrial graph to global access. The prime location of Mohali, which was graced by the new international airport last year, will now become the major instrument of Chandigarh in tackling global trade. Now that WTC Chandigarh has launched, aspiring business communities, trading sector and entrepreneurs can prepare for the mightiest leap ever.

In its build up area of 1 million sq ft, this commercial project will be initially hosting world class office spaces, retail spaces, studio apartments, auditoriums, conference facilities and several more. Born to the cardinal World Trade Center Association (WTCA), which by the date has established more than 330 ventures across over 90 countries, WTC Chandigarh is the pinnacle commercial destiny for investment. It is also prudent to know that WTC Chandigarh delivers 12 percent assured returns. Those who want to witness the magic of investments, feel it at the best with WTC Chandigarh.

chandigarh wtcThe prime multiplier effect of the project will be showered by the airport itself. It will be global portal to generate footfall of business magnets and NRI’s to the location. By the airport Mohali has created a new economic graph with thousands of job opportunities and other developments. The new airport will be the rapid windfall for Mohali as well as Chandigarh and WTC Chandigarh has kissed its soil in the brightest time of the city.

The project also incorporates well established security measures, authoritative/client administration and ample power and water supply. The core of the architecture also focuses on the green building practices to attain minimal harm to the ecosystem. The affiliations who work in these rich environments will mark their pleasure by grade A+ accommodations, conferencing halls, business rooms and many more. So World Trade Center Chandigarh is a win-win scenario for all. Thus park your investment in this promising venture as soon as possible.

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