International Women’s Day 2016: Pledge for gender equality

Unlike any other days, I would say, a day for women should not be celebrated after designating a particular day for it. In fact, every day should pass through in reverence of them, for their awesomeness in every walks of our life. We should respect her roles in life, the ultimate maternity, a devoted wife, a responsible daughter, a caring sister and countless many more!

happy women's day

Officially the day is here today. International Women’s Day – a day officially coined to value the achievements of women in social, economic, political and cultural domains. This time the theme of Women’s day is “Planet 50:50 by 2030: Step it Up for gender equality” or talking in the twitter way #PledgeForParity. The long pending necessity of the making the gender equality come true is back again after rubbing the dust over.

The chief architect of our constitution, Dr BR Ambedkar once said “I measure the progress of a community by the degrees of progress women have achieved” and rightly so. Women have pervaded significantly in many areas which were once strictly estimated to be helmed by men only. Earlier women were mainly associated with home, but now they have broken the shackles and are associated with every aspects of society. But, the question of the hour to be asked is how much we respect them and their deeds.

Day to day events in media will reveal the picture of what womanhood should be alarmingly devoid of and what should it comprise of. This system should change now and for that everyone should put themselves accountable and responsible. We should pledge to attain gender equality and thereby lubricating the whole process of empowering women in society. In order to begin such an initiative, Women’s Day is the perfect stage for us.

It’s not that women are widely criticized more on their day. Amidst all the incidents that drag the progress of women in the society, they have exceptionally come up into the spotlight today. Female talent pool has gained significance in educational, financial, health, political and many other indicators. Their workforce is now significant and cannot be ignored. So if you’re women, today is the proud day for you to roar high and enjoy the eternal bliss of your womanhood!

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