Inspired by Sabarmati project, Noida Authority plans revival of Hindon

Getting inspired by the Sabarmati riverfront development project, Noida Authority has decided to replicate the plan for rejuvenating their 27 km stretch of Hindon River. A delegation of Noida Authority has already visited the Sabarmati riverfront project and has observed and analyzed the details which can be handy in implementing their proposed project of revival of Hindon River.

The proposal from Noida Authority is intended to save the river which has been alarmingly polluted by means of the sewage dumped from the surrounding six districts through which it flows. After piercing through Noida and Greater Noida, Hindon River finally merges with River Yamuna in sector 150.

hindon river

The Noida Authority Chairman Rama Raman said that the revival of Hindon River aims to provide Noida with a meaningful waterfront environment. He hoped the project will redefine the living around the banks of Hindon River in Noida. It seems like Noida Authority is on a full-fledged dive in reviving the water frontages. Commenting about the project, Raman said that the first phase will be commenced and in the second phase the riverfront of Yamuna is planned to be revived. Since it falls into the jurisdiction of the Delhi government, the consent for the same will take more time and so they are commencing with the revival plan of Hindon River in the first phase.

The chairman also praised the Sabarmati project as one of the noted projects in India of its kind. By revival of Hindon River, the chairman also hopes for a good socio-economic impact. He quoted that the project aims to offer green lungs to the city and an overall development of the premises. He added that the project will help in rejuvenation of aquatic life, developing recreational activities for public, dense forests and leisure sport adventures for people.

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