Imperia Armada: A tribute to 5 elements of life

Imperia Armada Yamuna ExpresswayHuman body runs on the basic 5 elements of life, that is, the wind, water, earth, sun and sky. Anyone of these, if not present, may lead to an imbalance in life. But what if we propose a home that seems to give tribute to all these elements? Yes, this is now possible with the genuine efforts of Imperia Developers as they have come up with a luxury shaped residential project, Imperia Armada. This project is housed at Jaypee Sports City, Yamuna E-way.

How Imperia Armada justify its tribute?

The project is in abundance of all those elements that form the basis of life. The justification for all of them is discussed below-

Wind: The area where Imperia Armada is surfaced makes it completely possible for cross-ventilation to take place in abundance. Therefore, you feel airy at any day of the year.

Water: The complex of this project comes flooded with the exotic views of gently splashing water and the sandy beach that surround it. This means that you get to live the oceanic life.

Earth: Wide open green space held in Armada makes it inevitable for the resident to enjoy and this seems refreshing in every season of the year.

Sun: The towers of the project are designed to enjoy the seamless beauty of sun which seems to replenish the lives of the residents through the whole year.

Sky: Imperia Armada follows the tenets of Vastu and therefore has a common central area that pays a tribute to the openness of wide skies.

Now with so much to give and attain a lifetime achievement, Imperia Armada Yamuna Expressway is the right place to live. Enjoy this power in a fully packed 2 and 3 BHK flat that are held in high-rise towers with podium +23 and podium +27 floors. Also, podium level comes graced with 2 swimming pools.


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