How Organic Ghar becomes a perfect eco-friendly home

It looks like the New Year has not commenced in a way we would have anticipated it to be. Environment concerns have risen beyond the expected levels in Delhi-NCR. The much demanding and appropriate resolutions for the New Year on the sidelines of this eco-concerns would be to pledge for an eco-friendly living. You can bring the change and be an inspiration to others by leading an organic living.

Your initiative can be much easily accomplished now as Rise Developers has launched an alluring home in NH-24, Ghaziabad. This home is a pure eco-friendly habitat, which will get you in touch with the nature. It defines eco-friendly characteristics of each and every detail for you. Following the ambitious Organic Homes, Rise has now featured yet another venture, Organic Ghar in NH-24, Ghaziabad. Both are not only similar by names, but also by its features and amenities.

Organic Ghar

Precisely located nearby Lal Kuan, Organic Ghar will host an impressive collection of 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom apartments in its 5 acres of build up area. The main objective of Rise Organic Ghar is in bringing out a sustainable home by minimizing negative eco-friendly impacts. The architecture will be perfectly blended with organic style and contemporary designs. By means of this the indoor environmental quality will be increased in Organic Ghar.

All the apartments will be imbibing lush greeneries along with methods like rainwater harvesting and self utilization of energy. The ideal ventilation systems and construction of landscapes will achieve minimal harm to your habitat in Rise Organic Ghar. By using non toxic, sustainable materials and efficiently used spaces for construction this Rise Group venture will exemplify its green nature.

Apart from the green approach, Organic Ghar will also be rich in terms of luxury. It will encompass some top range, amenities like swimming pool, yoga lawns, clubhouse, kids play zone, sports facilities and theme based parks to provide utmost satisfaction for you and your family. These luxury features will perfectly compliment the naturalistic features and will result in an entirely different lifestyle for you.

As your dream home is coming up in the emerging location in NH-24, Ghaziabad, you will perfectly anchor to a rich neighborhood. The world class highway will eradicate all your commutation problems. Some of the top quality hospitals and colleges like Institute of Management Technology and Columbia Asia Multi Specialty Hospital will also advantageously occupy your surroundings.

A green lifestyle is the present day necessity. It not only benefits your personal life, but also our planet. In a long term perspective, green homes will also be highly cost effective compared to the conventional homes. So, tie back that lost thread to our planet by living healthy and happy in Rise Organic Ghar, Ghaziabad.

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