House tax completely waived from 2008-2010 in Gurgaon

The vibrant and all important MCG has rightfully decided to completely waive off property tax for the entire financial years of 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. The much awaited and instantly welcomed relief will be extended to only self-occupied residences where the owners do not have any pending tax dues whatsoever till the year 2008. As per the mighty MCG, property taxes of all those people who have already shelled out for the given period will be fairly and instantly adjusted against all future tax payments.

A highly reliable tax department official pointed out that the councillors have fiercely demanded that all the residents of self-occupied homes should be provided relief almost instantly for these 2 financial years and thus the MCG has consequently decided against levying the property tax, but provided that they should compulsorily fulfill the criteria stated.

The house owners will have to provide MCG in writing that they have not leased out their residential property. This necessary document will not have to compulsorily be an affidavit but can also be a self-attested letter, which should suffice and serve the purpose. In the case if someone has already paid his or her tax liability for the given period, then it will be adjusted without any hassles.

Some esteemed councillors are however very quick to point out that the in-power MCG should not levy and collect any property tax at all till the time it completely takes over the stated private builder areas and commences providing all the basic and luxury amenities in the totally restricted 900-metre long IAF depot area.

Renowned Ward-1 councilor, Mr. Rishi Raj Rana also stated that the MCG should first provide and extend services and only then it should rightfully demand payment of property tax. Residents of the key area which comes within the 900-metre long crucial zone do not even have clean water to drink or highly critical sewerage facility. Therefore If the MCG fails miserably to provide any of these basic amenities whatsoever, then the entire 2,000 plus residents of the region are expected to stage a protest in the next meeting.

So there is no doubt whatsoever in anybody’s mind that the decision to waive off property tax is a good one and is the need of the hour, but no one can in their right frame of mind discount the theory that MCG should rightfully earn the huge chunks of money that they are collecting from the residents of the millennium city, Gurgaon. As the first motive of any public service agency should be to ensure benefits of the society, financial gains should be the last thing on their mind.

The people of millennium city have their fingers crossed that the government authority will do the right thing and throw some much needed relief in their direction.

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