Government nod for Noida apartments very soon

Noida has successfully forged into an unstoppable force as of late. Thus millions of people rightly want to make this city of future their dream home. But a major chunk of these dreams have come to an abrupt halt after hitting the speed breaker known as MOEF and NGT. But if several highly reliable sources are to be believed then happy days might be here again. For close to one Lakh home buyers, the biggest roadblock in the way of these hapless buyers finally getting possession of their home might be resolved within a week or two.

apartment_Noida_6495(0)According to several people hailing from concerned development and government authorities, the centre has finally reached a conclusion regarding the no construction zone in and around the all important Okhla Bird Sanctuary. The radius seems to have been fixed at a highly reasonable radius of hundred metres. An official announcement is expected to be made within the next few days itself and as a result a plethora of housing projects based in Noida will finally be out of the restricted region. This move is expected to bring a torrent of respite to the otherwise hapless home buyers.

The significantly reduced eco sensitive boundary was decided upon after a high profile meeting between environment ministry and several other key government officials. Home buyers association of NCR also made its presence felt at the meeting. But the surprising thing remains that the much talked about boundary has remained exactly the same as last year. But finally the official decision seems to have been made and the wait is now on for an official and final notification. The process of bringing out the notification is a detailed legal process and might take a week or two to be finalized.

Residential projects based in Noida got severely affected when the all important National Green Tribunal demarcated a staggering 10 KM radius area as eco sensitive in and around the bird sanctuary. This had happened because of the UP government’s failure to mark a buffer region officially. Unfortunately, no new building and project could be at the receiving end of a completion certificate. The gravity of situation had received such epic proportions where over 1 Lakh homes are completely constructed and over 30000 of them are ready to move into but possession couldn’t be handed over for obvious reasons.

Many are attributing this rejuvenated proactiveness of the concerned authorities to the recently held meetings between Rahul Gandhi and hapless home buyers, where RAGA extended his complete support to the cause of such troubled buyers. But whatever the reason might be for this grand gesture, buyers who have been harassed and financially drained by shelling out EMIs and rent at the same time, are in for a mighty relief. The move will be beneficial for builders and government as well as. Builders will be finally able to avail all the clearances required to offer possession while government will receive millions as stamp duty as a result.

So if you are planning to make Noida your home but were having second thought because of the NGT order, don’t blink twice before opting for your dream home.

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