Experience every form of benefit in World Square Mall

world square mall ghaziabadThe potential of any commercial project is calculated with the kind of retail shops that are present in it. This has been correctly represented by the World Square Mall which is centered at the T-point of Mohan Nagar in the Ghaziabad city. With the presence of a Dutch multinational retail chain, Spar that comes trademarked as SPAR, this commercial space stands as one of its kind. This franchise is not just a simple retail chain, but a brand that approximately has 12,500 stores in nearly 35 countries all across the globe.

SPAR was established in the year 1932 by Adriaan van Well. Since then the retail chain has been expanding its operations in many countries of Europe, parts of Africa and Asia. The project, World Square Mall has been put in complete operational state and is offering an assured 12 percent lease guarantee. This means that whether you enter the mall as an investor or a consumer, the mall will surely put you in the state of benefits.

World Square Mall which covers more than 6 Lakh square feet built up area and has other resources like a hypermarket, entertainment, hotel, banquet hall etc. apart from SPAR. At every point and in every aspect, WSM Ghaziabad is the perfect commercial from both, the investor’s as well as from the customer’s point of view. Looks like the shopaholic human in you has started to make you step out of the house and make you experience the beauties of this commercial space.


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