Earthquake returns – Tremors felt across entire nation

It was just a few days ago that massive earthquakes turned the beautiful nation of Nepal into rubble. The country was left shattered and bruised. Tremors were felt all across India as well in which many buildings collapsed and a few lives were unfortunately lost as well. And sadly, earthquake and tremors have returned to haunt Nepal and India. China and Afghanistan weren’t spared either.

earthquakeOn 12th of May 2015, at exactly 12.49 PM, news of a massive earthquake started surfacing in the state of UP and other neighbouring states as well. In what was later confirmed, two gigantic earthquakes had hit our great nation. One emerged from Nepal and measured a whopping 7.1 Richter scale while the other had Afghanistan as its epicenter and measured a mighty 6.9 on Richter scale.

The earthquake has destroyed Nepal even further with many more feared dead. India’s esteemed PM, Narendra Modi has taken stock of the situation in India and Nepal and has directed his men to handle the situation as well as humanly possible and ensure no damage whatsoever to human life.

As far as India is concerned, high alert has been declared in the all important cities of Bhatinda, Ghaziabad, Kolkata, Guwahati and Patna. Severe earthquakes have been witnessed and experienced in the entire states of Jharkhand, Bihar, UP, West Bengal and Odisha. But the state of Assam was at the receiving end of the mightiest earthquake – which measured a staggering 7.3 on Richter scale.

So the danger might not have passed just yet. Stay agile and aware at all times. If you feel even tinge of a tremor than run out of the premises almost immediately without wasting even a precious second. Be safe and ensure that your loved ones are too.

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