DMRC starts process to source coaches for Noida Metro rail line

DMRC – Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has initiated the tender process for 78 state of the art coaches on the 28 km long, much awaited Noida-Greater Noida Metro rail line. The proposed and estimated expenditure of the project is a gigantic Rs 700 crore. The requisite funding will be extended by NMRC – Noida Metro Rail Corporation.

The firm shortlisted for the proposed project will be accountable for design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and commissioning of all these carriages. The agency will also be rightly expected to supply these coaches within the stipulated 118 weeks of being awarded the contract. There will be a total of 26 world class trains, each boasting of 3 coaches each.

The designs of these coaches have already been approved by the concerned authorities. The coaches will sport the most recent and cutting edge technology. A sample model of the coach has already been prepared and approved. The ender documents will be available for sale from 10th April 2015 onwards; a pre-bid meet has been scheduled for 26th May 2015. The entire process is rightly expected to be completed and an agency will be finalized by the 23rd June 2015 deadline.

In a two-bid system, E-tenders have been invited from a plethora of agencies on ICB – international competitive bidding basis for design, supply, manufacture, testing, training and commissioning of standard gauge cars for the highly anticipated project.

The vibrant DMRC has even floated tenders for supply, installation, testing, supply and commissioning for modification/ shifting of electrical utilities of 11kV, 33kV, transformers, LT lines, and transformers etc, which are in the path of the Greater Noida-Noida Metro route.

Modification/ Shifting has will be accomplished along the proposed rail track obstructing from Safipur village to Metro train depot (Greater Noida) section, Dadri Road station up to Safipur village section and once again from Noida Sector 71 to Dadri Road station (excluding the station) section of the corridor.

Once the highly anticipated track is put in place, it will not only extend a fast and smooth link between the fast developing twin cities, but will also end up bringing them much nearer to the national capital of Delhi. The proposed track is expected to be commissioned by the month of June 2017.

Everybody living in the NCR region is hoping for a smooth and fast execution of the much needed metro project. It will obviously make the life of commuters comfortable and a whole lot easier. It will also extend a stimulus to the realty sector in the region. Therefore it is a win-win situation for one and all involved and the concerned authorities should thus ensure its seamless launch. It will definitely change the face of the twin cities for the better.

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